The Find & Flip Summit 2018

The Time Is Now….To Transform Your Hobby Into A Full Fledged, Money Printing Business….That Follows A Proven And Highly Profitable Formula Over And Over Again!

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa - Phoenix, AZ - January 26-28, 2018

About the Event

The Find & Flip Summit is a 3-day intensive training event with Kent Clothier And Real Estate Worldwide, focused on stoking the fire of your ambitions, creating a compelling future, mastering your marketing and developing a custom plan to realize your real estate investing ambitions!

day 1: Find It

Still searching for the easiest way to find amazing, OFF-MARKET, no competition, smoking hot deals in today’s market?

Day One of the Find & Flip Summit will bring you the best marketing minds behind the most advanced strategies being employed for both online and offline lead generation for your real estate business. Hear directly from the experts responsible for the most successful and most profitable marketing campaigns being run today.

You will learn how to:

  • Use new cold-calling techniques that are crushing the competition
  • Create an online engagement strategy that will convert more leads to deals on auto-pilot
  • Use big-data to create multi-layered, high quality lists that convert like crazy
  • Create an endless flow of qualified leads using Facebook and the messenger platform
  • Reduce your online ad spend and double your conversions

day 2: Flip It

Getting properties quickly flipped, for max profits, and on auto-pilot is an “art form”. On Day Two of the Find & Flip Summit we will give you unprecedented access to industry leaders of successful real estate investing companies. Learn the strategies and techniques for maximizing your profits while flipping properties in just a few minutes of time, versus days or weeks.

You will learn how to:

  • Attract thousands of multi-deal buying, cash-paying, quick acting buyers in EVERY and ANY MARKET in the United States
  • Capitalize on the flood of international buyers in the U.S. today
  • Create bigger checks with quicker turnaround on deals
  • Set your company a part using the PUSH method for incumbent buyers
  • And so much more

day 3: Scale it

Now, it’s time to turn into a Monster Wholesaling Machine that runs on autopilot.

On Day Three of the Find & Flip Summit we will introduce you to titans of industry to expand your imagination and inspire you to reach for me. This is where we take it from “hobby” to killer business that’s producing 7 and 8 figures consistently.

You will learn how to:

  • Automate your marketing campaigns
  • Use specific KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your business
  • Manage and lead your business in less than 20 hours per week
  • Hire & train your team using proven & specific techniques and strategies
  • Access the money to fund your growth for years to come

day 4: VIP Access Only

Private Access To Our Speakers for our “Money Day” where they all focus their attention on YOU and your specific business challenges to help elevate your business to new levels in record time. This ONE DAY is worth the VIP price all by itself!!!


Ticket Includes

  • General Admission Seating
  • 3 Day Access To F&F 18
  • Access to opening night
  • Welcome Party
  • Event Tote

Ticket Includes

  • Executive Reserved Seating
  • 3 Day Access To F&F 18
  • Access to opening night
  • Welcome Party
  • Event Tote

Ticket Includes

  • “Best Seats In The House” Reserved Seating
  • BONUS VIP 4th Day Event Access
  • 4 Day Access To F&F 18
  • Access To VIP Party
  • Access to Daily VIP Lunch
  • Access To VIP Viewing Area
  • Access to opening night Welcome Party
  • VIP Event Tote






I just spent three of the most powerful days I’ve ever had with Kent Clothier and his wonderful team… if you ever get a chance to attend one I highly recommend it. No hype! Just flat out bad ass info and motivation.”
- Rick P.
Good Morning REWW team! I just back from an amazing vacation in the canyons of Utah with no reception. Upon my return I had 2 wire transfers. One for $34k and the other for $12,850, and it’s only the 4th of September. Linked a $15k wholesale deal that will close next week, and we picked up 2 more sales contract while vacationing! Leverage is KEY!!! Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Everyone.
- Bobbie Archut
I am extremely grateful to Kent Clothier and the entire REWW team. These marketing systems and their mentoring have dramtically changed my business for the better for the last three years. Keep up the good work guys...we're counting on you.
- Dan Walters


1. It's the best use of your TIME.

During the 3-day Find & Flip Summit, you will receive approximately 20 hours of hard-hitting, no fluff content. Your average “online class” is 3 – 5 hours, so this is like spending 3 days to consume four or five massive classes! Imagine how much more successful you will be after consuming this much content - this fast.

And the truly crazy thing is that nothing… NOTHING of what you're going to learn during this 3 days can be found in an ebook or even those expensive home-study courses that seemingly get launched every week.

I know because I buy every course that comes out, and believe me when I say that no one else can show you what we're going to show you, because no one else is doing what we're doing.

2. Dollar for dollar there's no better way to invest your MONEY

In the point above I talked about how the Find & Flip Summit is equal to the amount of information in four or five big box information products. Well, when you consider that most (if not all) big-ticket home-study courses retail for $997 - $1,997, you would need to spend $5,000 – $10,000 just to get the same AMOUNT of information you're going to get during this 3-day workshop.

And again, that's just what you would need to spend to get the same AMOUNT of information...not the same QUALITY of information.

The truth is, most big box information products are 60 – 70% fluff, and NONE of them (not even our own high-ticket home-study courses) cover what we'll be covering at this event.

3. Guaranteed CONSUMPTION of content!

If you're anything like me, you've already invested thousands...maybe even tens of thousands of dollars in your education. And you know what? That's a good thing! Like I said earlier, I buy every course that comes out, and I actually consume the vast majority of them. But if you're anything like me, you have products on your shelf that still have the shrink-wrap on them. Am I right? Don't be ashamed...we all do it. 

As business owners and marketing professionals, it's hard to balance continuing education and actually growing your business. But with the Find & Flip Summit, there's not a question of whether or not you'll consume the content we're providing to you. You'll be in a different city...away from your business and away from distraction.

This time YOU WILL consume the information...YOU WILL get immediate value from your investment and YOU WILL make more money because of it.


Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

Resort Main Line: (602) 438-9000

8000 S Arizona Grand Parkway

Phoenix, Arizona 85044


JANUARY 26-28, 2018


JANUARY 25, 2018

8000 S Arizona Grand Parkway
Phoenix, Arizona 85044

Lunch is included for our VIP guests

We advise all attendees to dress in “business casual” attire and to bring a sweater or jacket.

A full schedule of events will be release approximately 30 days prior to the event

Costs range from $197 - $2497 per ticket depending on package purchased and time of purchase. All tickets are transferrable as long as REWW is notified. Ticket purchases are non-refundable.

You can request a sponsorship package by sending your request to [email protected]

The event will start at approximately 9:00 am each day and end at approximately 7:00 pm each day

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